Van der Valk hotel bed + headboard
Size: 1 person
90x200 / 210 / 220cm


Who would not want to sleep as well at home as with Van der Valk?!

The hotel bed designed exclusively for van der Valk, will also give you a wonderful night's sleep so that you wake up lively!

The set consists of:
1x Pocket Boxspring 30 H 36cm
1x Upholstered hotel pocket mattress 21cm
1x1 person cold foam top mattress 9cm
1x Headboard - 100cm B x 110cm H

In short, this is the combination you will find in a luxury hotel suite!
The box spring combination has a total height of approximately 65 cm and comes with a headboard mounting set.
We try to deliver your order within 9 to 12 weeks.
Naturally, your bed will be delivered and assembled free of charge.
Warranty 3 years.



Available Options:

Set of square bed pools:
Our transporter places your purchase in the desired space of your home and also removes the packaging material. If desired, we can also dispose of your old bed for a small fee. Inform us about this by email.

Excellent warranty conditions apply to all beds for 3 years.
Inquire by email about the conditions at

Transport costs for hotel beds in the Netherlands are free of charge. The costs for transport outside the Netherlands are provided per quotation based on volume and destination.
Indication of the transport costs of a double bed, including headboard:
- Belgium, Germany, Denmark: € 200 euros
- France, Italy, UK, Austria, Switzerland: € 250 euros
- Spain, Portugal: € 350 euros

* import or customs duties for countries outside the EU
Outside the EU, any import or customs duties will be calculated when the order arrives in the destination country. As a customer, you are responsible for these costs, which may vary from country to country. The amount is calculated by the customs of the country where the order is delivered. If you want to know to what extent you have to pay these duties, please contact the customs of the country in question.