Van der Valk Hotel Topmattress
Nature Latex 4cm


The latex top mattress provides extra comfort. Latex adapts very well to the shape of the body. When a latex topper is little loaded, this also causes little adjustment in the material. And when a latex mattress is heavily loaded, this also causes a heavy adjustment of the latex. In other words: all your body parts are properly supported and you will feel little to no back pressure on the body.

More information about this mattress topper can be found below, under the heading 'specifications'.



Available Options:

Size: available in different sizes
Filling: 100% pinfoam latex
Thickness: 4 cm

Each mattress topper is produced to order. Take into account a delivery time of 7-8 weeks.

The latex top mattress is an addition to the Valk at Home hotel collection and is not used in the hotels.