Pillow L
Van der Valk
1200 gr


The Van der Valk Ecodown pillow as you will find in our hotels. The cover is made of 100% percale cotton. Percale means that many thin threads have been used. You can tell by the high thread count. This makes the ticking soft, smooth and supple. Great to relax in after a long day! Cotton naturally provides excellent moisture and heat regulation.

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The high-quality Ecodown filling is made of a 100% synthetic material. It is so soft it feels like down. The thousands of fibers in this pillow are hollow inside. This creates a lot of (still) air and excess perspiration can be quickly and properly drained. The filling is also nice and resilient, so that the pillow keeps its shape despite the heavy load. This unique filling gives you the comfort of down with the practicality of synthetic.

This pillow is suitable for anyone looking for an anti-allergic pillow. The pillow is washable at 40 degrees.

To preserve your pillow and from a hygiene point of view, we recommend using a pillow protector.

Dimensions: W80 x L80 cm
Filling: 100% silicone ecodown synthetic
Filling weight: 1200 grams
Ticking: 100% luxury percale cotton
Zipper: no