Men's socks
Soxs & Valk at Home


With Soxs you will never suffer from cold feet again. Our warm wool socks for men are provided with the recognizable black SOXS label. They are not only practical, they also look trendy!

Soxs are made from the very best wool from New Zealand sheep combined with modern technology. This has led to a fantastic end product: wool socks that do not tickle!

Soxs are elastic. As a result, they keep their good fit for a long time without ever dropping. Even after washing. Soxs can simply be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

Soxs give your feet an infinite amount of heat, but you will never get sweaty feet in them. This is because they breathe and are also moisturizing. So if you sometimes suffer from sweaty feet, Soxs are the solution! You can of course use your Soxs as trendy slippers. But they are also very suitable to take on winter sports as ski socks. So you walk just a bit more trendy than the rest. You can of course also wear them well in your shoes. That's how you get through those cold winter months!


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