Mattress Strap Size : S/M


A simple solution to prevent mattresses sliding away from each other!
Do you disappear between your mattresses during the night? Do your mattresses slide away from each other and does a gap appear? Then MatrassenSpanband (‘MattressStrap’) is the solution!
Standard straps are too narrow and stiff. They cause indents in the sides of your mattresses where the straps are pulled tight. They are also bothersome during the night.
Now, special mattress straps have been developed. These are made of a wide and supple elastic material. They do not cause any visible distortions in your mattress and cannot be felt during the night.
The securing of the MatrassenSpanband is easy and should go as follows:
You slide the strap under the mattress and connect it at the side of or on top of the mattress, with a simple Velcro closure. The straps come in sets of two and are available in three sizes.
This strap is suitable for a single mattress of 70cm.