Get Sleep Kit
Rock Your Night


Become a super sleeper with this Rock Your Night kit. It helps you to fall asleep and sleep through quietly. This kit consists of the Be Calm aura spray, Calming Body & Bath oil and an Amethyst stone.

This kit has the following advantages:
- Ensures an excellent night's sleep
- Helps to fall asleep and sleep through.
- Calms grinding thoughts.

How to use:
Be Calm Auraspray
Spray the aura spray around your head. Breathe in through your nose for 5 seconds and slowly breathe out through your mouth. Repeat as often as necessary.

Calming Body & Bath Oil
Does your child suffer from scary dreams? Massage the feet daily with this soothing oil , before bedtime. Or did you have a busy day with a lot of stress? Treat yourself to a (foot) bath to which you add a dash of Calming Body & Bath Oil. For an extra powerful effect, you should also add a scoop of Himalayan salt to the water. Sweet dreams guaranteed!

Put an amethyst on your forehead to relieve your headache. To become silent from within, use an amethyst when meditating. Put an amethyst on your bedside table to fall asleep well in and sleep through.


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