Van der Valk hotel pocketmatrress
Exclusive 27cm


This double-sided pocket lining mattress is the most exclusive mattress and consists of a combination of 400 pocket springs per m2 of carbon steel and a 4cm thick luxury comfort layer of HR Resistance foam . This ensures optimum ventilation, resilience and perfect support, suitable for any type of bed. The interior consists of 15cm long feathers.

Materials and construction are of high quality and this translates into a special sleeping comfort. The lying height is 27cm. The springs are made of recycled steel and the mattress is made with respect for the environment.

Size: 90 x 200/210 cm
Lying height: 27 cm
Hardness: Medium

Delivery time is approximately 6-7 weeks.



Available Options:

Our transporter will place your purchase in the desired spot in our home and will take the packaging away with them.
If this isn’t necessary for you, then we ask that you send us an email, so that we can inform you about the costs which will be deducted from your bill.

There is a 5-year guarantee applicable to all of our mattresses.
Email to request the terms and conditions.

You can also contact us for more information regarding which type of mattress/box spring is available in which of our hotels.

The box spring and headboard are available in various materials.

Send us an email to request a colour options card. Information about the mattress: 1. Cover: the textured jacquard cover is fire retardant
2. Finished top layer: the upper layer is has a fire-retardant interlayer stitched through it, attached to a layer of polyether foam so that it does not shift.
3. Tape: polyester tape all the way around the mattress at the top and at the bottom.
4. Comfort layer: 3cm high resilient foam (40kg/m3) on the top and the bottom of the spring core
5. Pressure distributor: between the foam layer and the spring core, there is a felt layer for optimal pressure distribution.
6. Spring core: core with 260 pocket springs /m2. The barrel shaped springs are made of steel wire (approximately 1,8mm). The separately packed springs are 12,5cm high and have 6,5 turns each.
7. Edge: stitched through with textured jacquard (like the top and bottom). The mattress has 4 handles so that it is easier to turn over.
8. Edge reinforcement: along the 4 sides of the spring core are strips of polyether foams of about 12.5cm high and 7.5cm thick.
9. Finished bottom layer: The outer layer has a fire-retardant interlayer stitched through it, attached to a layer of polyether foam so that it does not shift.