4 Seasons
Size (240x220CM)


This duvet is soft, supple, evenly filled and voluminous. It is a 100% natural product. Conceived and made in the Netherlands. It has a very good moisture absorption (up to 30% of its own weight). And slow moisture release, so that a clammy feeling never arises. The cover is made of 100% cotton, finely woven 233 Threat count. The cover is woven so tightly that the wool will not come through the cover, even after many years of use. The cotton in the cover provides an excellent moisture and heat relationship.
Filling: 100% virgin wool, from the Texel sheep. This well-known Dutch sheep breed has a wool that naturally has a lot of frizz. The wool fiber itself is also hollow inside. This creates a lot of stagnant air in and between the wool fibers. And stagnant air is the best insulator against the cold, but also against the heat. The wool comes from Western Europe and has therefore traveled relatively few kilometers before it ended up in the duvet. Many thin layers are made of the wool fibers, which are then placed on top of each other. This creates a fleece with optimal moisture and heat regulation and a long lifespan.
Wool contains lanolin, which is beneficial for muscles and joints. It is not naturally attractive to dust mites. And is fire-retardant or even flame-extinguishing
Ticking and filling are stitched together with diamond stitching, so that the filling stays in place. Relatively few stitching for optimal flexibility. Due to the use of only a few raw materials, the duvet can be recycled relatively easily.
Packed in a luxurious and handy storage bag. By using only a few raw materials, the bag can be recycled relatively easily.

It is not recommended to wash woolen blankets and duvets yourself. During washing, wool can swell and become tangled. If you dry it afterwards, the fibers contract, making the wool stiff and shrink: this is irreparable! You can, however, chemically clean or dry your woolen bedding.