Boxspring Superior Box 26
Van der Valk


The exclusive box spring, developed specially for Van der Valk, ensures a lovely night’s sleep. The Superior Box of 26cm high is a high-quality option for more comfort and more ease of use. The large wooden frame and the Pocket interior ensure an optimal support for every type of mattress.

Height of box: 26cm.
Height including legs: approximately 39cm.

Available in various materials. We will gladly send you an options card.

The delivery time is approximately 6-7 weeks.



Available Options:

Bed legs square:
Our transporter will place your purchase in your desired spot in your home and will dispose of the packaging! If this isn’t necessary for you, then we ask that you send us an email, so that we can inform you about the costs which will be deducted from your bill.

There is a 5-year guarantee applicable to all of our mattresses. Email to request the terms and conditions.
br>You can also contact us for more information about which type of mattress/box spring is used in which hotel.

The box spring and also the headboard can be delivered in various materials, just send us an email to receive an options list.

The hotel bed is a combination of a mattress and a box spring and is already assembled for your convenience. If you order a mattress and a box spring separately instead of the set, this will make no difference to the price; it will cost the same. Furthermore, a combination of another type of mattress or box spring is also possible.