wallpaper Diagonal (46601)


Jute wallpaper Diagonal Arte is a feast for the eyes. The basis of the wallpaper Diagonal is a gloss foil. The design clearly shows how different materials, in this case jute and foil, reinforce each other. Up close, you see again that certain pieces are woven jute finer than others. That subtle contrast gives the chevron motif a luxurious touch. Jute, a woven fabric based on bast fibers, is particularly sturdy, durable and environmentally friendly. However, the use of jute for wall coverings is unique. Processing the material in wall cladding is not self-evident, it requires patience and precision work. To guarantee maximum color fastness, the jute in Insero also received special treatment.

Dimensions: B91 x L per meter cut
Delivery time: About five business days